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Terms and Conditions:

1. Only the devices opted / renewed for insurance can be covered under this insurance policy.

2. The invoice for device’s being purchased should be shown (original copy) at the time of claiming the insurance to Juzzflip Touchbase and a photocopy of the invoice should be given to Juzzflip Touchbase for claiming the insurance.

3. On claiming the insurance, the Customer ( both Juzzflip Touchbase and third party customers) should pay 50% of the device’s current market value for getting a new device ( in case of Juzzflip Touchbase customer ) and a similar device ( in case of third party vendor customer).

4. The customer should pay 15% of the device’s amount being generated as invoice (in case of Juzzflip Touchbase customer). Rest third party vendors goods(goods not sold by Juzzflip Touchbase) would differ depending upon the cost defined by Juzzflip Touchbase (in case of third party vendor products Only similar devices could be replaced ; The devices could be similar to the third party vendor and not the same devices could be covered).

5. The original copy of insurance document should be shown and a photocopy of insurance document should be provided to Juzzflip Touchbase at the time of insurance claiming.

6. Invoice of products purchased should be shown for putting the insurance (both for Juzzflip Touchbase and third party vendor customers).

7. Only the goods will be replaced and no money will be given back in case of claiming the insurance.

8.In case of non-availability of devices due to end of production by the vendor , similar devices will be replaced

9. The devices given for insurance should be claimed under manufactures warranty only and Juzzflip Touchbase will never take any responsibility for device’s manufacturing damages and any type of working guarantee.

10. Juzzflip Touchbase has got the rights to change the insurance policy and terms and conditions without any prior notice to the customer( in such case new documents will be provided to the customer for replacing the old documents).

11. The devices would be eligible for insurance ,if and only if it satisfies any one of the following conditions ;

    a. The devices might have been theft (a FIR Copy should be produced to Juzzflip Touchbase by the customer for covering the insurance).

    b. The devices must be accidentally broken (in such case the damaged devices should be return back to Juzzflip Touchbase by the    customer for covering the insurance).

    c. In case of natural disasters only the customer ID proof and Customer ID (ID given by Juzzflip Touchbase to the customer) should be given for claiming the insurance.


All the above mentioned Terms and conditions should be matched and documents should be provided for claiming the insurance. In case the customer’s policy claim and document submission has failed to match the terms and conditions mentioned above. Juzzflip Touchbase has got the right to cancel the Insurance Claim request from the customer.

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